The A/D converter on the FPGA enabled up to 8 different points to be monitored remotely, and for alarms to be generated to alert operation personnel.

There were three aspects of that needed to be worked out:

  1. Signal Conditioning after determining the linear range of the A/D, the next task was to condition voltages to be in that range, so that they could be measured.
  2. Transmission the monitored values needed to be sent somewhere where they could be monitored. As the controller has a built-in SIP client, the messaging facility was used to transmit the data to a remote site.
  3. Display and Alarm Generation the data was monitored at a server that also has a SIP client to receive the data. The receiving software has a built-in Web page generator for viewing the current status, and alarm messages are sent back to the SIP client for transmission to a SIP phone.

Below is a sample alarm generated by the monitoring software.

SIP message displayed on a Polycom VVX411 phone