I am a retired professional software engineer with a background in software for embedded systems, FPGA and hardware design. I was first licensed in Toronto in July, 1977, and was active primarily on the 2M, 6M and 70cm bands only. In 1983 I moved to Calgary, Alberta, where I became VE6ABV and then VE6VH, which is my current callsign.

I now have an HF transceiver as well! Currently active on 20m with FT-8, but struggling with RFI from my dipole antenna. VHF/UHF on FM and SSB, looking to work satellites this year as well. Also will delve into 6M when I find a good antenna!

I have pioneered several innovations, from a state machine for repeater control with minmal logic to complete FM SDR radios on an FPGA platform, which were published in CQ Amateur Radio. I continue to strive to push the envelope and introduce new technologies into the hobby, and am active in a plethora of areas including the AREDN data network.

My retirement activities are centered around continuing to innovate, recently I have been working on raspberry Pi based Java designs for digital linking and VOIP-based phone patches. I have also built repeaters for the 900MHz band and have been working on sourcing and converting commercial equipment for use in this band.