I predate the PC. I started my adventures in computing on a PDP-8/i timesharing system at high school, and have never looked back since.

The skills I learned back in those days also helped in my career, as back in the day you had 4K of memory to work with and all code was written in assembly language. Yes, I predate the C language as well.

Some of the retro projects I have done recently are:-

  • Tiny Basic Board using some resurrected 8751 microcontrollers that I found in my parts cabinet. Slow as molasses, does not do very much, but a good learning tool about microcontrollers.
  • Packet Radio TNC a simple add-on to the tiny basic board to create and demodulate FSK tones for packet radio. A detailed manual is there to understand how it works.
  • PiDP-8 a board invented by Oscar Vermulen to emulate the PDP-8/i front panel. The software comes with the same timesharing system that I started on.
  • LSI PDP-11 probably the most advanced microcomputer of its era, but why did it lose to Intel?