This is a project for which I can take no credit, but I thought it would be interesting to mention it here. It was originated by Oscar Vermeulen, who has set about to recreate the original PDP-8/i front panel, and run the software on a Raspberry Pi. He sells it in kit form, I have one of the kits.

This for me is a trip down memory lane to my start in computing at high school. We had a ASR-33 teletype hidden away in a back room, connected to a PDP-8 running TSS/8 in a location downtown. The computer was a PDP-8/I, one of last to be produced before the Omnibus (a Latin word that means ‘for all’ and also the origin of the public conveyance), version, the PDP-8/e was invented.

Oscar’s reproduction of the front panel is accurate down to the colour of the keys, the LED layout (which originally were incandescent lights), the register content display and the RIM loader that was used to bring the machine up.

PDP-8/I reproduction by Oscar Vermuelen

The image for the Pi includes a copy of TSS/8, so back to writing the same code that I did over 50 years ago! The nostalgia made it worth it!